Nav Notes

Brightlingsea Harbour Board proposes to install a new Pontoon This would be positioned  between the existing pontoon and the new jetty hammerhead and if permission granted, installed in 2011. It is intended to provide permanent berthing for the traditional fishing smacks. There would still be room for the dinghies and dayboats to sail to and from their moorings with minimum interference for vessels accessing the other pontoons. Click here to see the Notice from BHB as this is at the consultation stage.The existing pontoon would be used by windfarm maintenance vessels. (BHB)

DONG Energy the installers of the Gunfleet Wind Farm have a proposal to extend the farm by installing two ‘Demonstration’ turbines to the Southwest of the existing array. The RYA and the Cruising Association have made representations that the site extension will come no closer than one nautical mile to the Whitaker Buoy. Thus there should be sufficient searoom for non-commercial vessels from the Thames to pass between the Whitaker Bell Buoy and the new extension on their way to the Spitway. More details on the RYA website and click to see a  chartlet  of the area in question. (RYA)

New buoyage is expected for the River Crouch from the Whitaker to the discharge pontoon at Wallasea where the Crossrail Project spoil will be unloaded. Currently we have 13 navigation buoys in this stretch of water, these would be increased to 32 and all lit, some synchronously. Up to 5 ships per day are expected. The area has been resurveyed and we should expect improvement in the Swallowtail/Ron Pipe area where there has been shoaling. See  East Coast Pilot for more information and also PLA charts showing the indicated location of the new buoys. As the shipping operation is expected to commence in the autumn,  buoys could be in place by the summer (ECP)