2015 AGM

A truly motley crew?

The Annual General Meeting held on the 14th November 2015 was well supported with over 20 members and committee attending for an evening of some libation, some delightful food and even better company. The election of new officers was conducted peacefully and swiftly and I might add a little bit Corbynesque. As newly elected skipper I found out very quickly that the control element of the title “Skipper” did little to enhance the proceedings. The new wave (pardon the pun) of change is more of a tweeking than a revolution. The proposed new style website was given an airing by our own webmaster Sean Magner who “along with the three mates, of which I was one at the time” had developed an up to date format with its own forum. The forum which has proven to be an exceptionally well received link between all members both here and abroad is now incorporated into the new website, with all the same facilities for finding crew and berths, problem solving of technical issues and all the other good stuff we have taken for granted over the past couple of years.

We as a club owe a large debt (take that to mean drink) to the man who nudged us forward and developed the forum “Neil Treloar” without whose initiative we would have still been relying on text messages and telephone calls, albeit a perfectly valid means of communication the forum has made life easier and in a lot of instances funnier.

We have had more attendees at the 2015 rallies than in any recent year, we have also had more enquiries for membership and the forum has been a welcome and useful facility for all the new members to see what, who, where The Narrow Seas Club are about. As a result more boats and more non boat owners have been attending the rallies, barbeques and social events. So the move towards an even more active club is underway. The new sailing season is not that far away, we start on January 1st with the Haggis run and some warming fluid. There are also unplanned day sailings in the offing, although they are all very dependant on the weather. So to all members where ever you may be, may you be where you wish and with those you love and have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new year and sailing season in 2016.