2015 Laying up supper

The laying up supper on the 31st October 2015, ( did no one realise it was haloween?) was extremely well received and attended by members and guests. The live music was excellent, to such an extent that Vic Hayes and Valerie Southwick Page gave an excellent demonstration of how to jive, with and without shoes…PA310770a

The wine flowed quickly and so did the evening, it was agreed by all who attended that it was a magnificent hooley, those who missed it can make a date for the fitting out supper in the spring on a date to be announced. So watch this space.

The dark nights are drawing closer and the damp weather beckons for all to make ready their craft for the winter ” That means fit a heater Mr Tyler” for those who are not aware there is a splendid heater in an even more splendid box on board Storm, where it has been hiding for nearly 2 years, crying out to be allowed to give warmth and comfort to those who visit the well victualed Storm. If we all push, nudge and cajole it might just get fitted for the fitting out supper.

But enough!!  time to get those jobs done during the laying up season. Get working, keep warm, stay dry, on the outside at least.