Harty Ferry, July 2016

Written by Jackalope.

The Narrow Seas club approach to Harty was from both the west and from the north locations. The St Kats rally boats moored at Canvey overnight and then passed the wreck of the Montgomery into the Medway and weaved around the back of the island. My Haven had the complicated task of getting ashore at Canvey in a dinghy and collecting a crew member who wanted to bring his bicycle.  This complicated task required such concentration that two hours passed before My Haven realised the crew member had left his overnight bag on the shore at Canvey. Later it transpired that an honest resident of the Peoples Republic of Canvey found the forgotten bag and kept it safe until it could be retrieved by road.

The Crouch boats slipped out at high tide and pushed a gentle neapish current down the Maplin it was less than 1kn in the shallows and then squeezed between the wind farm and Red Sands Towers military forts.
It was a weekend of forgetting things. Jackalope had earlier noticed Parana was lower than usual in the water whilst sitting at Rice and Coles moorings and the problem was resolved when the bilge pump was switched on. Jackalope spent a very chilly night onboard because he had forgotten both pillow and sleeping bag; I had to get up at 6am the following morning to warm myself on deck!. After a few pints and an excellent meal in the Ferry Inn we all learned about eamonns forgotten bag. Rioja then forgot they had a yacht and booked the bridal suite for the night! Meanwhile the rest of the narrow seas crew took to the dinghies that had been dragged strategically up the slipway and in the dark like commandos with great difficulty found the haunted Shipwrights Arms. It’s known as the best pub in the world and is 300 years old and set amidst the Kent marshes. The ghost is reputed to be a sailor who banged on the door late one night seeking refuge but the publican feared it was a pirate and did not open the door. The seaman was found dead on the doorstep the next day.However despite arriving late and pirate-like we were allowed in, but the publican completely forgot to be polite and grumpily suggested we spent less time talking and more time drinking.
The return to the Crouch was by far the best sail I have had for some time and the boats benefitted from the plentiful NW4 wind to take us all the way to the Roach. It was a very enjoyable rally. Ah I nearly forgot to mention that the skipper of My Haven forgot he was the skipper and took an afternoon nap in the Thames and woke bleary eyed in the Crouch! Well done to Ira and Eamonn !