St Katherines Rally

The annual St Kats rally will set off on Friday 11th August at approx, 08:00 with the ebb tide to enable the first group of 5 participants to take the flood tide from the Whittaker up to the Medway and then overnight at Queenborough, although some may use Holehaven on the North side. The plan is to leave on Saturday morning and take the flood up river to enable our booked lock in at 16:30. The return will be on Saturday 19th leaving at the earliest high water lock out and return to Burnham in one long hit.

Those who have done this before will know the fun and excitement of milling around at Tower Bridge waiting for the call to enter the lock into St Kats, those who are doing it for the first time, “stay awake” the ferries need a sharp eye and you need to be alert. It is normally a fun trip and the stay in the dock is a great week, no matter how many times you have been to Tower Hill it is spectacular from the river and the social scene once inside is usually up to or above the normal NSC party standard.

If you are not going by boat why not come and have a drink on board  with us in the dock. We don’t at the time of writing know where in St Kats we will be placed but you can find us easily just look for the NSC ensign…