West Mersea 2017

The last scheduled rally of the season took us to West Mersea. The weather was good to us and the last rays of summer combined with a pleasant southerly made for a good sail.

Parana and My Haven, the two boats that are not so well endowed below the waterline, were given berths well inside the confines of the harbour. Storm, Jackalope, Morning Star and Windroos, on the other hand, were made to stay like naughty children on the outskirts of the marina.

A pleasant meal in the West Mersea Yacht Club was followed by a restful night for the crew of Parana and My Haven. But we were met by bleary eyed members of the other boats complaining about a bumpy night the following morning.

This had been Vic’s 5th attempt to get to West Mersea this season, particularly for the Oyster Breakfast in the Company Shed. He wasn’t disappointed.

As we returned to our boats for the journey home, My Haven’s first mate knocked her iPhone 6s into the water while attempting to pull start the dinghy outboard. This happened just a week after the new iPhone 8 had been released. A coincidence? I think not.
West Mersea-1612x1209