Terms and Conditions

Prospective members agree that the information provided will be held on a computer database for club purposes and may not be passed on to other organisations without my/our permission.

The club rules provide two formats for the election of new members. The rules are framed to enable members and prospective members an opportunity to meet and to encourage the friendly and welcoming nature of The Narrow Seas Club. Once an application has been passed to the committee, the prospective member becomes a “probationary member” and is requested to take part in all aspects of the club.

Option 1:

Where an applicant is known to existing members of at least one year’s standing , then he /she should be proposed and seconded by such members. The proposer and seconder should add their own comments on the application form and together with the prospective member attend two general meetings where the application is announced. Assuming there are no objections then the application will be approved and the skipper on behalf of the club will “drink” the new member in.

Option 2:

In the case of a prospective member who is unable to comply with the requirements of a proposer and a seconder then he/she should attend a general meeting of The Narrow Seas Club as an introduction to the club. Their application will then be read at the next two general meetings which they attend and if there are no objections to the application it will then be approved after a six month probationary period and the candidate will be “drunk in” by the Skipper.

In all cases candidates are expected to attend the monthly meetings and rallies during the season and are not considered full members until they have had the customary drink with the skipper.

Important Note:

When sending this application for membership of The Narrow Seas Club you are also agreeing to the following;

1 The club accepts no responsibility for the behavior or conduct of individual members.
2 When sailing as master/skipper of either your own boat, or any other member owned boat

you are solely responsible for the welfare of the vessel and her crew.
3 Nothing within The Narrow Seas Club rules or conduct of the club’s business shall exonerate the master / skipper from the consequences of any neglect of any action which may be required in the ordinary practice of good seamanship, or by the special circumstances of any particular situation.